YOU know your startup is
totally freaking awesome.

Isn't it time everyone else knew too?

Dressed like a New York goddess, Charlie is a smart young solopreneur with a sparkle of passion in her eyes and that kind of infectious laugh you wish you could hear every single day of your life...

Recently, she told me she'd been working on something she thought was really exciting but, she was confused. It had been over 4 weeks since her initial launch and, it STILL felt like an insane struggle to even get it noticed, let alone get it off the ground.

It took her a while to walk me through it, but when she finished, I was silent...

...We both knew her latest startup idea was gold.

But otherwise you'd think it was a SECRET, because no-one else seemed to get it.

Sounding exhausted, she said "I just don't know how to take it to the next level. I don't know what to focus on and I can't seem to convey how completely f*cking cool it is to people."

It was heart-breaking.

So we brainstormed... We clarified her message. We cleaned up her website. We injected a little more personality in her brand and then faithfully replicated that branding across all the little things she didn't know she needed... We tested a few things and saw what worked (and what didn't!). Over time, we definitely took it to that "next level".

It all looked amazing, but more importantly, subscribers and sales increased by over 350% in the time we worked together.

...And I finally started to hear that infectious laughter again.

WE knew it was awesome... But now THEY knew it was awesome too.

I'll have what she's having.